Friday, 31 July 2015

Eating Up the Kale

   The kale I planted in the Spring has been a good performer this summer. I read an article in the newspaper decrying the purported health benefits of kale - seemingly it ranked 16th in a list of nutritious vegetables. Number one was watercress, of all things!

    I started picking the kale just a few weeks after planting (tender shoots for salads) but now it really needs to be cooked. I came up with a new recipe slightly based on one I found in one of my  numerous cookbooks, using kale and fish, for my dinner tonight.

   The recipe was for a stuffed salmon trout, using spinach but I converted it into a baked fish fillet covered with the stuffing. Into the bargain, with a bit of flexibility, I managed to use up several items that had been lingering in the fridge and were close to their expiry date. The final result was a juicy piece of fish with a tasty, and in some places crisp, topping. It was a bit fiddly - you had to pre-cook the kale and fry up onions - but it only took 30 minutes in the oven.

    It has been hot and sunny again today but clouded over around 4:00 p.m. No sign of rain, though!  I managed three sets of tennis this morning but was done by 10:30 and came home for a much needed swim. I only had the AC on for a couple of hours as the kitchen heated up while I had the oven on. Now I will open the windows and hope for a cool night!

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