Monday 6 July 2015

The Greek Vote

   Very depressing news about the Greeks voting no to austerity. I can't see how they will survive on their own as it seems likely they will have to leave the European Union, lose the Euro and revert to the drachma. Thank goodness things are relatively stable here. although I am sure the TSX will take a beating in the next few days.

   Well, enough of that. My life continues in a stable manner, except for a big bill from the pool guys which arrived today. This is on top of the bill for opening the pool and seems to be mostly chemicals. I will have to query it to make sure it is legit.

   Still one lone Canadian in the Wimbledon tournament. I watched Pospisil's match this morning from start to finish and he competed so well, coming back from 2 sets down to take the match - quite a thriller! Serena and Venus Williams played each other and Serena won, not surprisingly. I didn't see the match but I'm sure there will be a full report in the paper tomorrow.

    Marie, Pinky and I played bridge this afternoon with a new friend who was my partner. Unfortunately she kept telling me how badly I bid and played, which left me feeling a bit disgruntled. Admittedly she was quite a superior player compared to the rest of us, but I would prefer her not to be so critical. I did tell her that I was a relative newcomer to the game before we started and it's not as if we were playing for money or even keeping score! 

   In the pool twice this afternoon, once after I got home from bridge and once after a stint of gardening. It is quite steamy hot today and the water has reached 77F. I hope it cools off a bit tonight. Fish in a curry sauce, kale and potatoes for dinner and still more raspberries!

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