Friday 17 July 2015

Approaching 5,000 Visits.

    I only need a few more people to visit my blog and I will reach 5,000. When I started the blog I never dreamed I would have so many visitors! Now, if only some would comment about my ramblings, then I would know I was on the right track.

   Luckily I set off early (7:50) for tennis this morning as the weather was very iffy and finally the rain came down in earnest around 10:45. By that time I had had two sets and we were on our second pot of coffee. I was running things today and Tony asked me to increase the caffeine content of the second pot - he is a serious coffee drinker. Seemingly the first pot tasted like decaf to him. As that's what I normally drink, I didn't notice the difference. My rhubarb bread went down well and was all gone before we closed up shop.

   It rained off and on all afternoon but seems to have dried up now. I had to run out in between showers to pick some more rhubarb so I could bake another cake for the freezer. There is enough rhubarb for a few more cakes or pies and maybe even a batch of jam, probably the result of so much rain recently.

   I am going to try a new recipe for dinner - Sticky Ginger Chicken with Rice. The stickiness comes from a marmalade and honey glaze and it has apricots in it as well as garlic, onions and peppers. It sounds delicious and quite easy to make. We'll see!

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