Thursday, 16 July 2015

Out All Day

   One of these days when I hardly get any chores done but, who's checking. My time is my own do with whatever I want. A 9:30 departure for the PROBUS meeting which turned out to be very entertaining. After the announcements I was introduced as a new member and was welcomed by many during the coffee break. Very pleasant!

   The speaker today gave us an interesting overview of the Franklin Expedition to the Arctic during the 19th century and his opinion of what transpired to cause the ultimate loss of life of all the seamen. Apart from the fact that the ships were frozen in the ice for 17 months, the culprit may have been lead in the tinned food they brought along. He also explored the notion that some of the seamen may have resorted to cannibalism as their food ran out, rather a gruesome idea.

   I went straight from the meeting to Anne's for an al fresco lunch of sandwiches, fruit, tarts and tea, along with several of her other friends from dancing groups. She gave us a tour of her huge and well maintained garden, surely a lot of work! I know how much time my tiny back yard requires just to keep ahead of the weeds, so I can only imagine how much time she has to spend on hers 

   After leaving Anne's I headed for Rona as I had a coupon for extra Air Miles and was on the lookout for a hibachi. They didn't have exactly what I had in mind but I found a portable propane powered grill that should be adequate for my needs. I still have to put it together and buy the correct size of propane cylinder. I don't think it has the correct connection for the one I used with my old (and now deceased) BBQ. I will get Judy to have a look at it the next time she is over.

   A nice easy dinner tonight as I am not overly hungry, just salad and some ham. No dessert as I rather overdid the sweet stuff at Anne's. It was so tempting!

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