Wednesday, 8 July 2015

At the Coffee Bar

     First thing this morning I biked over to the Seniors' Centre to run the coffee bar. This will be my station every Wednesday morning for the rest of the summer while Maria is at her cottage. It was quite busy with the (mostly) ladies from the various classes grabbing their java fix. There are a couple of Keep Fit classes, a decoupage group and a belly dancing class. Then the morning finished with Line Dancing. There is also "drop in snooker" but I don't think I had anyone from that group buying coffee. We also sell pies which are a popular item. So it's a pretty active morning.

    Biking there and back is my substitute for the Stretch and Strength class which I normally would be attending on Wednesday mornings. I didn't sign up for it this time as I am getting plenty of exercise swimming and playing tennis So that freed me up to be the "coffee lady".

   Just a bit of gardening this afternoon followed by a swim. It is considerably cooler today but the pool has retained most of its heat. Thanks be, the humidity is back down to comfortable levels!

    I received a welcome package in the mail today - some old photos from my mother's albums that my brother was weeding out. I hope to put them on my Tribal Pages website ( so I was very grateful that he saved them and sent them to me. It would be a shame if these items were lost to posterity.

   Fish for dinner tonight, fried probably with sweet potato mash and peas. Another load of raspberries too - they seem to be never ending and are the best crop I have had in recent years.

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