Monday, 13 July 2015


    I received a new magazine today and have already tried one of the recipes! The magazine is called "Ricardo", after the chef who has developed it and the recipes. I seem to recall that he had a cooking show on the Food Network a few years ago.

   The recipe I tried is Broccoli Tabbouleh. In the photo it is shown with Pork tenderloin and an egg but I just had it with some leftover chicken  which I cooked yesterday. It was very quick and easy to prepare as you chop the broccoli quite finely in the food processor so it takes just minutes to cook. And the bulgar wheat also only needs 4 minutes. It seemed a bit bland so I substituted low sodium chicken stock for the water and added a dash of turmeric. It made enough for a couple of meals.

And, as promised, a photo of Lucy lounging on the couch in one of her quieter moments!

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