Monday 20 July 2015

The Heat Continues

   The sun is behind the houses (7:00 p.m.) but it's still over 30C! It's supposed to cool off slightly overnight which is just as well as tomorrow I plan to play tennis. I didn't play as usual on Sunday as it was just too hot after the grandkids departed.

   Just a few chores this morning and a walk down to the drug store to mail some letters. Then over to the Senior's Centre for bridge. We had a substitute as Pinkie wasn't well and we also need a spare for her on Thursday. It is tricky in the summer as so many people are out of town, escaping the heat. However, we had some good hands and I won the one contract I played. I had two swims today, one after my walk and another when I got home from bridge.

   Canada continues to do well at the Pan Am Games, just behind the US in the total medal count. I haven't been watching too much on TV - better things to do - but have been following events in the newspaper. There has been an amazing response to ticket sales and it looks like being a bonanza for the event and local businesses. Now they are talking of making a bid for a future Olympic Games since all the facilities are already constructed and have passed the test.

   Just leftovers for dinner tonight but tomorrow, if it's cooler, I plan to cook a stew in the slow cooker with lots of vegetables. I will throw in several garlic cloves since I have such an abundance of them.

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