Monday 27 July 2015

A Few Hot Days

   Quite a bit of territory to cover as I have been very remiss in posting to my blog. Let's go back to last Thursday!

   Tennis in the morning - very hot - but we managed to play three sets. Bridge was cancelled in the p.m. as we were missing one person so I had a lazy afternoon at home, swimming and tidying up the garden.

  Friday continued hot and, as Judy and the kids were coming over for lunch and a swim, I left tennis early. I had put the pool heater on first thing in the morning and by the time I got home around 10: 15 the water was almost 80F. The kids had a great time - James was in the deep end without his floaties, quite scary. Judy had to dive in at one point when he looked to be in difficulty but, on the whole, he managed fine.  BBQ at Cathie's in the evening to celebrate John's birthday. He is turning 85 next week and still playing tennis!

   Out early on Saturday to attend the Orientation meeting for the Roger's Cup. Susan drove and we were back home by 10: 30 a.m. so I had the rest of the day for chores and a bit of pre-cooking ( my signature bean casserole) for the BBQ at my house on Sunday.

   Sunday started off hot and we managed one set of tennis, albeit a long one, and I was home by 10:45. I made a potato salad for the evening meal and finished off the inevitable house work and cooking. The family arrived around 4:00 p.m. and Dave very kindly manned the barbecue. It worked like a charm (this was its inauguration) and we cooked a mountain of meat - lamb chops, chicken thighs, sausages and pork ribs -  which were devoured in quick order. Judy had brought a Greek salad and a pile of corn cobs which also went down well. Dessert was a selection of cheesecake (see a previous entry) and some fresh fruit brought by Steve and Alison. And, of course, the wine and beer were flowing! Everyone had a nice cooling swim before we ate and the kids were back in the pool again after the meal as it was still very warm. James got to show off his new skills before an appreciative audience and the other two had fun with Uncle Steve in the pool.

   Today continued to be extremely hot (33C at one point) so I have stayed inside most of the day with the air conditioning running. I have it set to 24C so it is quite comfortable downstairs although the upper floor is still a bit on the hot side. Despite having put the dishwasher through its paces last night, there was still a bit of a clean up required this morning - I even scrubbed the grill from the barbecue! However, all was tidied away by 9:30 and I had the rest of the morning to myself. Then bridge in the afternoon (I played several hands but only made the contract on one but my partner, Sami, had a small slam!). Leftovers for dinner, including the cheesecake. Yummy!
The Grillmaster, set up on the front porch, much easier to access from the kitchen.
Nice and clean again after its inaugural use. I managed to find a connector for my propane tank.
Still over 30C at 7:00 p.m.

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