Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Swimming in a Bath Tub

    The water in the pool is 84F (29C) so not very refreshing but still quite nice when you are hot and sweaty as I was after my bike ride home from the Senior's Centre. This was my day in the coffee bar and we sold a lot of pies, numerous cups of coffee and even some tea. I
was constantly refilling the water jug too, as everyone was feeling the heat despite the air conditioning.

   I made some mango chutney this afternoon, and got a batch of rhubarb ready to make jam tomorrow. It needs to sit in sugar overnight. This may be the last picking of rhubarb as it was rather spindly and limp. I will watch over the next few weeks to see if any new stalks emerge. I have also been picking cherry tomatoes - we had a bunch at lunch yesterday and I had some more today. The regular tomatoes are almost ready - in fact Nathalie picked one yesterday but it still needs to ripen a bit more.

   The last of the leftovers from the weekend BBQ tonight (I hope!). I am gradually cleaning out containers so should be able to defrost some fish tomorrow for something fresh. I really need to use up the Kale - Judy took some yesterday to make a salad but I prefer mine cooked. I also have a cauliflower to make into soup so I will be busy in the kitchen tomorrow. Thank goodness my AC is managing to cope with this hot spell!

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