Wednesday 22 July 2015

Usual Wednesday

     Spent a chunk of time this afternoon trimming dead branches off the Mountain Ash tree in my front yard. It really should come down but it does produce a proliferation of berries that the birds like. It was quite pleasant out there, not too hot and a nice breeze, but I did work up a bit of a sweat.

   I also washed the area rug from my bedroom, in the bathtub. It has never been cleaned and was pretty grubby. When wet it weighed a ton but I did manage to get it outside and up on the outdoor rotary drier. Next job will be to lug it back upstairs but I think I will leave that until tomorrow.

   I was behind the coffee bar at the Senior's Centre this morning and ready to leave at 12:00 when Margaret arrived but it suddenly got really busy so I stayed on until the lunch rush was over. Margaret and I were running back and forth making tea and coffee, warming up pies and clearing dirty cups. It looks like I may have to stay later in the future as well, as there really needed to be two people on hand. I biked home and managed to squeeze in a swim before lunch and another after my stint in the garden.

   Leftover stew and broccoli  and cauliflower casserole for dinner, so I will be well fed. Not much on TV until 9:00 so I will practice my French and Bridge until then!

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