Tuesday, 21 July 2015

An Afternoon at the Movies

   I saw a great movie this afternoon - "Trainwreck"  - it's a relationship movie with a cute ending. Quite the tear jerker. I stopped in at Adonis on the way home and got a few items that they had on special - some chicken samosas destined for the freezer, smoked mackerel and a tub of taramasalata which I am snacking on with a glass of wine. It never hurts to indulge in something tasty from time to time - just not every day!

    The day dawned rather overcast and threatening to rain but I headed out to the tennis courts anyway. By the time I got there the skies had cleared and it was quite hot, but I did manage three sets as a cooling breeze came up later in the morning. Someone had brought a yummy caramel cake of which I had two pieces. I didn't feel too guilty as I'm sure I worked off quite a few calories on the courts.

   I have a stew cooking in the crock pot but it's still a bit sticky so I will have a swim before I eat. Then it will be time to put out the garden refuse for pickup tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy!

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