Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hot, Wet and Humid

   Right now it's raining fit to beat the band so I have had to resort to indoor activities. I did get some tennis this morning but it was very hot (29C) and humid, so I quit around 10:30. I was so lethargic on the courts and there was a huge crowd so leaving early was a no-brainer. I was planning to cut the grass but now it is too wet. Too bad!

   Came home to watch Wimbledon - the Ladies' quarter finals - so now they are down to 4 and will play the semis on Thursday and the Final on Saturday. There is no one I am particularly rooting for and It's likely Serena Williams is going to take the title. She lost the first set to Vica (Victoria Azarenka) today but came on like gangbusters when push came to shove.

   If the rain lets up I will make a quick run to Metro and the library (I have a $5 off coupon for cheesecake!) as there is a book I need for Reading Club waiting for me. Until then I plan to play on Duolingo - I'm practising my French in case I decide to spend a month in France next year. I am toying with the idea and saving my pennies! According to the program I'm 24% proficient in French (I doubt it!). However, it's getting darker and I just heard some thunder so I may be stuck at home.

   Leftover chicken and kale for dinner tonight and I will cook some oven roast potatoes. I have an avocado that needs eaten and a red pepper to roast so there may be a salad on the table too.

* Update:5:30 p.m. The rain has stopped, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable 24C, the garden is well watered and the pool is filled. I am back from the store with the aforementioned cheesecake. Quite the bargain, almost 1/3 off the regular price. I have stowed it in the freezer for the next time I have company and so I will not be tempted to eat it all myself!

Four varieties, so everyone should get their favourite.

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