Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Visitor

  Friday was busy - tennis until noon and I came home quite exhausted but had to get on with weeding as it is getting out of hand. I have been picking a bowlful of raspberries most days for dessert.

    Today was a more peaceful day with some tennis on TV this morning (the lone remaining Canadian at Wimbledon, Vasek Pospicil, won his match so is through to the round of 16), a quick run to the grocery store to replenish my larder, and then a quiet afternoon. I had to stay indoors as I was waiting for the maintenance man to give my furnace and air conditioner their annual checkup. He was supposed to come last Friday but didn't appear (or I was in the backyard with the grandkids) so I had to rebook him. He finally arrived about 3: 45 and was done by 4:15 so I was able to spend some time by (and in) the pool while the sun was still around.

   I treated myself to some smoked salmon, which was "on special" and have just eaten most of it on crackers with cream cheese and a glass of sherry. I will be cooking a basa fillet in a little bit (still wondering if it will be fried or poached) and I should get out for more raspberries. They are coming thick and fast and I may have to freeze some for later. I made a rhubarb loaf while waiting for the furnace man so a slice of that would be nice with the berries. It is such a treat to not have to buy fresh berries although they are a bit cheaper at this time of the year.
Sweet peas are just coming into bloom. These are self-seeding and sprout each year in a couple of spots.

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