Saturday, 1 August 2015

An "At Home" Day

   I did do a grocery run this morning but, other than that, have had a restful day at home. Quite heavy rain for a short while this afternoon with thunder rumbling in the distance, but it is now sunny again. Temperature a pleasant 25C and the pool is back to a refreshing 78F.

    I trimmed some leaves from the tomato plants to help ripen the tomatoes and pulled up the lettuces which had shot up wildly. I also picked the last of the raspberries - just a few small ones but enough for dessert with some blueberries.

   I treated myself to a crispy bacon sandwich for breakfast this morning with fried mushrooms and tomatoes. More cherry tomatoes with my lunch - it's either feast or famine here when the fruit and vegetables start to ripen!

Almost ready to be harvested.

Back to blue skies and fluffy clouds after a heavy rain shower.


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