Monday, 24 August 2015

Usual Monday Activities

   Still haven't got my printer connected but I did manage to upload some photos. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to add them to my blog but at least they are saved in my picture file.

  A quiet weekend with mostly chores and watching tennis and athletics on TV. The tournament from Cincinnati was exciting with Roger Federer winning the men's and Serena Williams, the women's. A couple of Canadians did well in the World Athletic Championships from Beijing so that was worth watching.

   Bridge this afternoon and we finally decided to keep score. Pinky and I won both rubbers so we were highly pleased with ourselves. Sami always bids too high and goes down most games she and her partner play.

   A wasp stung me on the ear this afternoon as I was gardening - it doesn't hurt too much but I will keep an eye on it as I had an allergic reaction once before from what I thought was a wasp sting. It isn't showing any signs of swelling yet.

    I have a nice salmon steak for dinner tonight and will have it with quinoa and peas. No need for dessert as I have been snacking too much today!

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