Sunday, 2 August 2015

Passed the 5,000 Mark

   I have now had over 5,000 views so obviously someone is enjoying my posts!   A funny day weatherwise - hot this morning on the tennis courts but I did manage almost three sets. I had to quit before the end of the third set but Cathy and I were ahead, so we counted it as a win. Kathy and Susan were not pleased! 

   This afternoon clouded over around 4:00 p.m. and a strong wind came up. This was followed by heavy rain and thunder. Can't complain as the garden definitely needed the moisture. Luckily I had a swim right after I got home from tennis.

   I cashed in some Air Miles at Metro this afternoon and got a steak, some Oka cheese and a baguette virtually free. I am saving the baguette to make bruschetta from all the tomatoes that are on the cusp if ripeness. When the rain stops I will barbecue the steak and serve it with fried onions and cremini mushrooms and mashed sweet potato. Thank goodness the BBQ is on the front porch where it is dry!

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