Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Very Pleasant Temperatures

Seems to be cooling off - it was quite chilly when I went out this morning with the green bin. However, the sun was shining until later this afternoon when we had quite a bit of cloud float in - no rain today, a pleasant 24C and I managed a swim. The pool guy was here today to check the chemicals and do a back wash, a chore I hate. He is well worth the price as the pool has never looked better.

   Worked at the coffee bar this morning. It was very quiet as one of the instructors was sick so all her classes were cancelled. This meant I was able to join the ladies (who had turned up for the early class) for coffee and a chat, while keeping an eye out for any newcomers wanting to be fed.

   Dug up the rock garden this afternoon, removed all the weeds and repositioned the stones. It looks much better and I might buy a couple of perennials to tuck into the spaces. I plan to look for some that attract bees and butterflies.

   Replaced the batteries in my smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. It had been beeping at me for the last few days to the extent that I got up in the middle of the night last night and removed the old batteries just to shut it up!

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