Monday, 3 August 2015

Simcoe Day

   Bank holiday today so a special event at Don Mills TC. There was a shocking site when we arrived  - the strong wind last night had taken down part of the fencing so some of the courts were out of commission. However, by 11:00 some of the younger guys got the fence temporarily up, enough so that we could use all the courts.

   Although the day started cool and overcast, it turned out quite hot. I played several sets before lunch and another after we ate (not a good idea!). Lunch was a real treat. The club supplied hamburgers and hot dogs, coffee and punch, and the members brought pot luck, so there was an abundance of food. Salads, quiche, chili and samosas (both quite spicy) and devilled eggs were some of the treats. And the desserts! I tried to have one of everything but there was just too much! No dinner for me tonight although I did make some bruschetta to have with a beer earlier.
The baguette: I toasted a few slices and returned the rest to the freezer for another day.
The tomato from the garden: I didn't even need the whole thing, it was so humungous!
The bruschetta ready to eat:  chopped tomato, some chopped basil leaves, garlic and olive oil - and a few shavings of parmesan cheese on top. Yum!!

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