Tuesday 4 August 2015

Mixed Weather

   Sunny and pleasant this morning but dark clouds and a couple of rain showers this afternoon. This is becoming a pattern. At least the garden appreciates it and I did get in the pool a couple of times and did a bit of garden tidy up between showers.

   Tennis this morning - I was strangely lethargic even after I had a coffee, so didn't play very well. Hope that is just a passing phase. But it was nice to sit and chat after playing - not a big crowd today which made it pleasant.

    Although I still have some steak left over from the other day, I am eating fish In a cheese sauce for dinner tonight - my stomach needs a rest from red meat. I plan to cook a cauliflower and kale casserole and oven fries to go with the fish. So, must be off and start cooking.

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