Friday, 28 August 2015

Healthy Eating and Exercise

   Lots of exercise in the last two days but no swimming as the nights have been much cooler, resulting in a drop in the pool's temperature. We have a hot weekend coming up so that should extend the swimming season by a few days.

   I am trying to finish a very thrilling book that is due back at the library tomorrow (no renewal privileges as it is reserved for someone else). It's called "A Desperate Fortune", by Susanna Kearsley and I highly recommend it if you like historical fiction and adventure. I will have to re-order it as there's no way I will finish it by tomorrow, but I certainly want to know how it ends! 

   Tennis this morning and home by 11:30 but, since then, just a bit of gardening, roasted a red pepper for my lunch sandwich, and baked a rhubarb bread. The latter, using the last of the rhubarb from the garden, will go in the freezer until next Tuesday when I will take it for treats at Don Mills. I am substituting for Jasmine as court monitor so won't get on the court very much. The last two days have been ideal for tennis - a bit of cloud cover and pleasant temperatures.  
   I have a nice salmon steak for dinner and have wrapped it in foil with a base of kale and a topping of chutney to bake in the oven. I will just have a corn cob on the side followed by a minneola orange for dessert. I will feel very virtuous! I had lunch at Canyon Creek restaurant yesterday with the RODEO (retired old dames eating out) ladies from Probus, so am trying to be slightly abstemious in the food department to compensate for the Thai chicken salad I had. It was delicious but only marginally healthy. Since I only eat out once or twice a month, I manage to keep my weight pretty stable.

P.S. Oops!! Forgot to put dinner in oven so it will be another half hour until I eat. I will be famished by then!

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