Wednesday, 26 August 2015

At the Coffee Bar

   It was a quiet day at the Senior's Centre today as many of the regulars were off on a day trip to see "Singing in the Rain", preceded by lunch. However, I did get to chat with a few who stayed behind for the exercise classes while pouring their coffee.

   Did some chores that have been hanging fire for a few weeks. First I finished weeding the back grass and cut it. Soon I will throw some new grass seed on the bare spots. Then I fixed the downspout with duct tape. That was a bit tricky but I think it will work better now. Next I filled the car with gas ($1.04 a litre - bargoon!) and returned $5's of empties to the beer store. Finally I stopped in at the liquor store for my favourite 6-pack of cooler. So now I am enjoying one with some spinach dip. I have nearly eaten the whole tub!

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