Sunday 30 August 2015

Still Summery

   The day started out cool but warmed up considerably as the day progressed. A set of tennis with Susan, Kathy and John - Susan and I were the victors today but it was close - 7-5. Cut the grass before lunch, requiring a swim after. The water is still on the chilly side but, as we are forecast 30C by Tuesday, it should be a warm week. Probably the last this summer.

   Watched the last day of the IAAF Championships from Beijing this afternoon. Canada did quite well this year with 7 medals, two of which were gold (in Pole Vault and High Jump). Of course, The U.S. and Jamaica dominated the short distance events and Ethiopia and Kenya dominated in the long distance events.

   Leftover salmon for dinner tonight. I cooked a whole chicken yesterday and had it cold again for lunch today, so don't need a big dinner.


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