Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Feels Like Fall

 ....but the grandkids went swimming anyway! I had the pool heater on all morning and the water actually felt warmer than the air. It only got up to 21C today with just a blink or two of sun. After lunch we headed to the park for a stint on the tennis courts but the kids didn't last long so Judy and I hit for half-an-hour.

   I brought in the last big tomato today, another sign of Fall. Usually there are still green ones on the vines when the first frost threatens but it doesn't look like I will have any ripening indoors this year - very strange! One year I was still eating some tomatoes I brought indoors in December! I had a good crop of cherry tomatoes but they are all but finished too.

   After Judy and the kids left I cleaned the pool for (hopefully) the last time, and did a bit of weed pulling. The lawn on the north side of the house has been so inundated with weeds that I was loathe to cut it until they were all removed. One more go at it should do it, but meanwhile the grass looks like a hay field! Luckily, only the pool guy is ever back there.

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