Monday, 18 December 2017

One Last Evening Outing

   It was off to Swiss Chalet for me last night to meet the family (8 in all) for the Festive Special. This has become a yearly treat for us all in the days leading up to Christmas. I was home just before 8:00 p.m. well fed and stuffed with Lindt truffles, their sweet offering at the end of the meal.

   Today I made an effort to shed some of the pounds from all the overeating by exercising in my basement for an hour - not all cardio, also stretching and strength training. Then off to Bridge and more indulgences! Marie brought mini meringues and fruit cake, Diane brought almond and jam tarts and I brought lavender shortbread. Never mind, tomorrow I will play tennis for two hours!

  We actually managed to get some milder weather today with a high of 4C but it snowed quite a bit first thing then turned to rain. I did a bit of shovelling before I went out and again when I got home - hope it doesn't freeze overnight!

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