Tuesday, 12 December 2017

First Winter Storm

Icicles hanging from the eavestroughs.
     Quite a bit of snow overnight so I stayed home today and managed to clear the driveway in small doses. We had about 10 cms. of snow. It was quite pleasant early on but then the sky cleared, the temperature dropped and the wind got up so now it is -10C (wind chill around -15C).

    Yesterday was our Christmas party at dance group but we had a very poor turnout due to the slippery roads. But those of us who braved the conditions had some fun dances then a lovely shared feast - everyone brought something. I made sausage rolls and they were a big hit - tasty too, I actually managed to snag one! Then some gifts for the teacher and the coordinators and lots of nice things said about them so it turned out well. We will start up again in January.


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