Friday, 3 November 2017


   I have been very lazy about blogging  - not sure if anyone is dropping by - but the last two days have just been my usual routine anyway. We had a really good discussion at book club on Thursday (I have switched groups). The book was "The Widow" by Fiona Barton and several of us had very conflicting views of it. However, we agreed to disagree.

   I worked hard at Fitness class this morning then came home to do an hour of gardening before lunch. It was very pleasant out - the first day with sun for ages - in fact I had my jacket off when I went out again in the afternoon. The bins are now full and ready for pickup next Wednesday. I made scones this afternoon as I wanted to use up the yogurt before I go shopping tomorrow. Other than sampling one straight out of the oven I have had very little carbs today so will have another one after dinner. They turned out really well!

I picked these tomatoes when they were still green and they have been ripening indoors for three weeks. Time to start eating them!

The fall colours have not been as brilliant as usual this year. These two trees were the only ones in my neighbourhood to have a decent display


  1. I'm still reading, but like you, I have fallen off with my blogging. -Jenn