Sunday, 19 November 2017

That Was the Weekend

   Cold today, in the minus numbers, and a smattering of the white stuff. I had little time outside but did walk up to the mall yesterday afternoon for a few groceries. I did a huge shopping in the morning at No Frills as my freezer was very empty, but I cashed in $20 worth of PC Points so the bill wasn't too horrendous.

   Today I made a batch of sausage rolls to take to Judy's as it was the multiple birthday celebration we have every November. Alison's birthday is the 14th, Steve's the 18th and Natalie's the 21st. I just had a light breakfast as we ate at 11:00 (all of us had things to do later). It was lovely to get together - I hadn't seen most of them since I got back from my holiday.

   Demo practice this afternoon - we learned a new dance called "Brisk Young Lad" and it was a very "brisk" tempo that had us gasping for breath. Most of us are no longer Spring chickens!

   That's it for today, just a light supper as lunch was so filling. I didn't have a nap this afternoon so should sleep well tonight.

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