Monday 27 November 2017

Battling My Introvert Nature

   Still very cold but at least it was sunny. I woke early and tried to get back to sleep but with no luck. The newspaper was late arriving so I had nothing to read with my breakfast. Usually I have the Sudoku and Jumble done before I get up from the table. It eventually arrived just before 8:00 a.m., just as I finished washing up.  

    I did my step video first thing as I had no exercise whatsoever all weekend. Then a soak in the tub for my aching muscles and I was ready to face the day. It was Hava Java morning at Calabria CafĂ© - lots of people to socialize with and a chocolate doughnut with my two cups of coffee - then Bridge at noon, so I have been very sociable today to make up for my solitary weekend. Soon I will be going out to dance group so another opportunity to chat between dances and during the tea break. I would as soon stay home where it is warm and cozy, but this is the only night this week that I will be out.

   Just soup and a sandwich for dinner as I have been overdoing the sweet stuff today.
Some pretty flowers on one of my indoor plants.

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