Thursday, 16 November 2017

On the Go Again

   I have an early meeting of the tennis club executive this evening (6:30) so won't bother with dinner until I get back. Just to tide me over I made a bean and artichoke dip from stuff left over from last night's chicken casserole. As well as the above mentioned ingredients it had some roasted red pepper, green onions, mayonnaise and sour cream. I grated some parmesan on top and heated it through. I had it with pita bread wedges, red pepper and broccoli for dipping. It was quite filling so I may not eat again.

   Not too chilly today but quite windy. I think a new weather front is coming through overnight so who knows what tomorrow will bring. Probus club this morning - the speaker's topic was sleep disorders and he had many helpful tips for getting a good night's sleep. There were tons of questions and it seems most of the members had some sort of sleeping issue or another.

   Zumba class this afternoon and after working up a bit of a sweat I went for a swim at the indoor pool. The best part was relaxing in the hot tub after. I must have stayed in for at least half an hour!

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