Tuesday 28 November 2017

Nice for November

    So pleasant today! It was sunny again and reached 15C this afternoon. I walked over to the senior's centre for Bridge class around 11:00 but on the way back at 3:00 it was getting very windy indeed. Earlier I had taken the car in for rust proofing and they also lubricated the hatchback release lever and filled up the windshield washer fluid reservoir, so I am all set for whatever road conditions winter brings.

   A short nap then I left for Cineplex to see "Murder on the Orient Express", excellent with a star studded cast and the cinematography was impressive. A funny event - they started to show the wrong movie. By the time this was communicated to management we had lost about 15 minutes and had to watch the commercials and trailers all over again! So the movie was late finishing and I didn't get home until well after 7:30. I stopped on the way home at McDonald's for a crispy chicken and bacon wrap. I was so hungry by then I fairly gobbled it down.

   Since then I have been relaxing in front of the TV while I check my e-mails etc. It won't be long before I head for bed.

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