Monday, 20 November 2017

Winter, Bring it On!

   Not much to write about today - I walked to my Bridge game at the Senior's Centre at noon (it was freezing!) and back again at 3:00 p.m. Then raked leaves for half an hour. I also secured some plastic over the air conditioning unit which is outside. Hope it stays on. Last year it blew away in a gale.

   So everything is pretty well done in preparation for Winter. All gardening equipment put away, outside taps turned off and drained. I have sealed all the windows and other places draughts creep in, in an effort to keep the heating bills down. My window cleaner called last week to say he would come one more time this year, but I think it is now too cold for him to show up. The water would freeze in his bucket! I will just have to live with grubby windows until Spring.

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