Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Home Improvements

   Another chilly day, started off at 2C and managed to get up to 8C. Cold front moving in tomorrow and Friday is expected to bring snow. Too early!

   I spent most of the day at the Senior's Centre - 9:00 a.m. fitness class, coffee and cookies with friends, another fitness class at 11:15 until I took over from Juliet in the kitchen. Luckily I had brought the newspaper and a book to read as it was not busy. They hardly need me there. Leanne brought in gigantic chocolate cookies and brownies so these went down well with the art and Euchre groups. They really lucked out. I (well, not me personally)made over $40.00!

   I made a successful transplant of shower heads the other day, swopping the one in the bathroom for the one in my ensuite shower - what a difference! I should have done it years ago but now I have a much more pleasant shower each morning. I am starting to think about other improvements I need (and can afford) to make in case I feel the notion to move. The house really is too big for me to rattle around in!

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