Thursday 9 November 2017

New Activities

   6C this morning but just up to 8C for the rest of the day. Now the temperature is dropping and it is supposed to be very cold overnight and tomorrow. Raining now and it may turn into snow!

   I made a pot of soup for lunch this morning then sat at the computer for over an hour preparing the Minutes from last week's RTO meeting. I will need to work on it again tomorrow but that should be it and I can send it out to the rest of the executive. I daren't leave it too long or my notes stop making sense. I already had to phone Les for clarification of something he reported on!

   I went to Zumba Gold class this afternoon for the first time this Fall. I had managed to get into the class then was busy almost every Thursday since, but today I stayed for the whole class. It was lots of fun and not too difficult. Afterwards I went to the indoor community pool for a swim and a soak in the hot tub. Very relaxing and the pool wasn't too busy.

   A small piece of trout for dinner and I plan to make butternut squash mash to go with it. I used most of the squash for soup and will roast the last bit then mash it with sour cream and lots of pepper. Green beans as well then the last of the pineapple for dessert.

Some more photos from the Dubrovnik trip.

Entering the old city by the Pile (Peelay) gate.

This old fort is actually outside the city walls and was one of the sites used in "Game of Thrones".

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