Thursday 23 November 2017

Too Much Exercise

   Still cold and grey but no rain or snow. I think it got to 4C this afternoon. We could do with some sun. 

   I had a tennis game arranged for this morning with Angela, Eva and Carol. The first set went to a tie break and Eva and I came out on top. After that I was playing at half strength but we still managed to keep it fairly even , 6-4 for the other guys.

   I got home around 12:15, had a quick lunch and headed out for Zumba. I started out OK but ran out of steam after half an hour so packed it in and went for a swim. The best part was soaking in the hot tub afterwards. Now I feel very relaxed and gratifyingly tired. Surely I lost a few pounds today! I will sleep well tonight.

   Jumbo shrimp for dinner -  I will cook them in garlic butter and fry some mushrooms in the same pan, a nice easy dinner. I have already had some crackers, cream cheese and grapes with a glass of wine so am not starving.



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