Tuesday 7 November 2017

A Bit of an Accident

   A chilly one today but it will be even colder by Thursday and may set some records. Can't wait (not!).

   Pottered around until 10:30 then got on the road to do some errands before Bridge class. I had time for a coffee before class started and caught up with some friends at the coffee bar.

   The garden refuse got picked up today (a day early) so I refilled a couple of the bins for the regular pickup tomorrow. They often do this in the Fall as there are so many bags of fallen leaves put out to the curb. However, most of the trees still have their leaves so they might have to keep coming around into December this year.

   I tripped and fell on my right hand yesterday (tripped on the computer cord, silly me) and now my fingers are tender and swollen. Luckily I am left-handed. I had a hard time shuffling and dealing the cards today and am praying the swelling will have gone down by tomorrow when I go to dance group. It's difficult to avoid hand contact in Scottish Country dancing. 


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