Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March Comes in Like a Lion

   Quite a change in the weather, yesterday was sunny but cold - I was back to my winter coat and an extra sweater - and today was not only colder (-8C) but we had a significant amount of snow, enough to make the roads quite slick as I drove to Hendrina's for tennis. More is forecast for overnight so I will plug in the battery for the snowblower before I go to bed.

   Tennis was fun - we had lots of good rallies and were running all over the court - so I was tired by the time I headed home. Nevertheless, a quick change later and with my lunch in my bag, I was off to Bridge lessons. This was the last of the winter classes so I didn't want to miss it. There were only 12 of us there and Frank made sure we were going to sign up for the Spring session so the class won't be cancelled due to lack of numbers.

   I used a new recipe for my fish meal for dinner. I cooked the fish in a cheese sauce with green onions and roasted red pepper and popped it under the broiler to brown the breadcrumbs on top. It got a bit charred but still tasted good. The Basa fillet I used cost $1.50 and will do me another meal - not too shabby!

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