Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ice Storm

    Last night, having checked the weather and having sober second thoughts I did put the car in the garage. This morning everything was coated with ice but I had an easy start to my drive. Before leaving I salted the path and a bit of the driveway - can't have the mailman falling on my property! At least it wasn't as bad as the great ice storm of 2014 when the power was out for some people for days.
   The main roads (and my street) had been well salted so driving was OK but only 30 people showed up for the Probus meeting (we usually have over 100). The speaker was from Habitat For Humanity and very interesting. I never knew they had stores, The Restore, where people can donate building materials and used appliances. I got quite a big load of books from the book sale since there were so few there - all my reading materials for the next month.

  Straight from there to Bridge - only two tables showed up but all our group were there. Sheila was my partner but we had very poor hands and only made a couple of contracts. Pinkie and Mary-Lee were in their element, in fact they had a couple of small slams. We were very jealous! I will play with them again next week.

   I added some chopped cucumber and red pepper to last night's pasta salad  and it was nice and crunchy. With the leftover fish I had a tasty meal but will need a snack, probably fruit, later in the evening.  

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