Friday 4 March 2016

Still More Snow

   I woke up to more snow, several cms. but light and fluffy. I cleared a bit before leaving for fitness class but it had almost all melted when I got home, thanks to a bright sun and warmer temperatures. It stayed around zero for most of the day but it felt much warmer. Definitely a sign of Spring!

    I had to call the water heater company this morning as the hot water pressure was almost nil. I only got a trickle of hot water for my shower - thoroughly unpleasant! They will send a technician tomorrow so let's hope he manages to fix it. The water is hot enough, just barely there.

   Bridge again this afternoon but I don't seem to be getting any better. Most people don't mind though I had one complaint about my lack of bidding knowhow. I really must learn some of the conventions. Progressive Bridge, which we play on Fridays, is tricky as we change partners after four hands and everyone has different systems. I play the same way with everyone so I guess they will just have to get used to that.

   I jazzed up my leftovers tonight by cutting up the chicken and putting it in a taco with lettuce and roasted red pepper. It was healthier and quite good that way though tricky to eat. I have trouble folding the wraps. We got a delivery of free food again today as the staff at the Senior's Centre have managed to get their contract settled so were no longer working to rule. I got a pasta dish and two soups - not my favourite, Italian Wedding soup, but tasty nevertheless. I will jazz up the pasta for tomorrow's dinner with more vegetables and extra cheese. It will make for an easy meal!

   I am reading a good book at the moment - "Even Dogs in the Wild" by Ian Rankin. It's a John Rebus detective story set in Edinburgh and from reading his previous adventures I know I'm going to be sorry when it is finished. It's not one of the books for my book club which makes a nice change - I don't have to be thinking about its merits or flaws, I can just enjoy the story. 

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