Thursday 3 March 2016

A Learning Process

    Snow flurries throughout another chilly day but nothing accumulated. I had an early start as the RTO meeting, which is held a good 20 minute drive for me, started just after 9:00 with coffee, fruit and muffins. So I just had banana, peanut butter and yogurt before I left home. We were done by 11:15 - Bill was chairing and he moved things along quickly.

    Straight to Bridge at the Senior's Centre - Bonnie had brought several muffins from the meeting so we stopped for snacks around 1:30. Bonnie and I were partners and had some good hands although I bid a couple of hands rather badly and got my knuckles rapped (figuratively). I will know better next time. However, it was all done in good fun and we indulged in chats between hands.

   Two good dishes for dinner tonight. I made broccoli and cheese casserole and BBQ chicken in the oven. Both dishes turned out well although the sauce on the chicken was a bit runny instead of sticky enough to coat the chicken thighs. Next time I will leave it uncovered for the whole cooking time. There is enough left over for dinner tomorrow, always a bonus!

   No nap today - I drank too much coffee at the meeting this morning - so I will have an early night, I think!

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