Sunday, 20 March 2016

Handy Gadget

    Cold today with a frosty start of -4C and it didn't warm up much all day although the sun was shining. I used my immersion blender twice today, once to blend cabbage soup for lunch, and again to make the sauce for Butter Chicken for dinner. I am really spoiling myself today!

    The soup was super easy - just a potato, half a chopped onion and  half a cabbage. I cooked all the vegetables in a chicken stock with some celery salt and pepper. It turned out very well. I may serve it for Easter lunch next weekend. I wonder of the grandkids will like it?

   The sauce for the butter chicken had onion, garlic and mushrooms with half a can of tomatoes - also super easy. Once it has cooked for a couple of hours, I will blend it and add chicken thighs to cook for another hour. I will serve it over rice with green beans on the side. Tasty and nourishing!

   Just one date today - the demo team practice at Broadlands this afternoon. We learned the dances that will be performed by the demo team on Gala Day in May. I don't plan to attend as it's the same day as the Don Mills Tennis Club opening and I don't want to miss that as there will be a free lunch! However, it was interesting to learn the dances which will be done as a medley - a reel followed by a square set strathspey and finishing with a fun dance, "De'il Amang the Tailors". I was pretty exhausted by the time we stopped at 4:00 p.m.

   Just a quiet evening at home watching TV although a couple of my favourite Sunday shows are finished. I'm sure I will find something worth watching.

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