Saturday, 5 March 2016

Two Eggplant Recipes

   Snow again this morning - it didn't lie on the paved areas but the grass and borders are well covered. It will be some time until we see anything green. It's strange how we had virtually no snow cover in January and February and have had as much snow in the first week of March as in the rest of the winter months combined.

    I fancied an eggplant when I was shopping this morning and when I got home with it I had a look through my cook books and on the Internet for some recipes, keeping in mind the pasta I brought home yesterday. My first job was to roast the eggplant, some of it sliced and the rest whole. I used the slices to jazz up the pasta with some fried onion and garlic and a tomato. With  a thick covering of cheese it was returned to the oven to bake until brown and crisp on top. It made a hearty dinner and there's enough for another day.

   When the whole piece of the eggplant had cooled, I scraped out the pulp and processed it with sesame paste (tahini), garlic and lemon juice to make baba ganoush. It turned out really well and I will have it with pita or tostitos tomorrow. I can't wait!

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