Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fashion Show

     Cool and rainy but, unlike 2014 at this time of year, no snow! It was an easy start to the day as I had declined to play tennis and was going to the retired teachers' lunch which this month included a fashion show. I had a good start on the low carbs - just fruit and yogurt for breakfast, had no morning snack but it all fell apart once lunch was served!

    The lunch was at a gorgeous facility, Cedarbrae Golf Club. First they brought warm bread to the table to accompany a silky, delicious squash soup. I had two pieces of bread with lashings of butter. Next was broccoli quiche and salad greens, so I guess I have to count the pastry crust. Dessert was petit fours (I had four!) and coffee. To top it off, my supper tonight was scrambled eggs and a croissant. Naughty me! I will try to do better tomorrow.

    The fashion show, put on by Peppertree Fashions from Markham, was lots of fun and the outfits were gorgeous. However, they were all very expensive but I liked the skinny jeans that seem to be popular this year. I bought a beautiful turquoise necklace and immediately put it on as it greatly enhanced my outfit. I know I have lots of things with which to wear it and it was 30% off. We all got another 30% off coupon so I may try to find some nice pants for Spring. Luckily my bank account is looking pretty healthy at the moment!


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