Tuesday, 29 March 2016

After the Festivities

     We have had a few cold but sunny days (yesterday not so much) and I am sitting in the family room with the sun on my back, enjoying its warmth. Outside the temperature is around 5C but in here it is toasty warm. No need for a fire today! I planted some pansies in my porch planter and they seem to have survived a couple of frosty nights so should be good until Spring gets here.

   On Sunday, when the family were over for Easter lunch, we were even sitting outside for a while with no jackets. The sun had some real heat to it. The grandkids had fun hunting for chocolate eggs while the adults indulged in snacks and pre-prandial drinks. Then we repaired to the dining table for our meal. Cabbage soup with sour dough bread (a touch of the Irish left over from St. Patrick's Day), Judy's Greek salad, and roast lamb, mint sauce, gravy and vegetables, mashed potatoes and lemony green beans. I must say everything was delicious. Dessert not so much - it was an experiment but it didn't turn out so well. I won't be making "The English Kitchen's" recipes again! Luckily Judy had brought a tin of Italian puff pastry cookies and Lindort truffles so we didn't go without a little something sweet.

   Monday was also a holiday for some and I spent it clearing and restocking the dishwasher and generally recovering from the hectic day before. Today I had tennis in the morning and Bridge this afternoon so was pretty much on the go all day. A quiet evening is anticipated. I will eat the leftover lamb and veggies and struggle through a slice of the now infamous cake. I think I will just eat the topping and discard the rest - it was like a doorstop! Luckily there was also wine left over so I am feeling quite mellow now.

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