Wednesday 23 March 2016

Using My Imagination

     Fire on again tonight as it is cold and damp. The forecast snow has not yet materialized but it is doing something out there - could be freezing rain or just plain rain. We won't know until we wake up tomorrow morning. I have decided to take a chance and leave my car out in the driveway. I may be scraping it before I can go anywhere tomorrow!

    I made an interesting dinner tonight with a basa fillet. I dusted it with seasoned flour (I used a mix of Herbe de Provence and Za'attar) then fried it in a little butter. After I flipped it I topped it with my homemade Mediterranean chutney and let it cook covered for another couple of minutes. I had it with some Greek pasta  that was reduced in price (by nearly half!) at the drugstore, so had a Mediterranean theme going. It was delicious although the pasta was rather high in sodium. But I only ate half of it and will have the rest tomorrow. 

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