Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A Strange Visitor

    I opened my door to pick up the newspaper this morning and came face to face with a rather sorry looking raccoon! It was right there on the doormat and made a move to come indoors before I slammed the door! It hung around for a while then slunk off but I think it may have been sick as it wasn't acting normally. Usually raccoons are nocturnal and, although I have seen them around, mostly at night, they don't normally come close to the house. I hope it has gone on to other pastures. This is a tricky time of year to have them around as the females are looking for a warm spot to have their babies and can be quite destructive.

   Fitness class this morning followed by coffee and socializing. Then back home to change and pack a lunch before returning for my shift in the kitchen at the Senior's centre. It was very quiet this afternoon as most of the classes are done until April and the Drop-in Card players were rather sparse today. I was very lucky as I had walked over with just a few sprinkles of rain then watched in horror as the skies opened with a very heavy downpour which showed little sign of letting up. Fortunately, when I left for home the clouds had passed over and we even had some sun around 4:00 p.m. The temperature got up to 10C.

   I managed quite well to stay away from the carbs until supper - just a banana with peanut butter and yogurt for breakfast, a cookie with my morning coffee and soup for lunch. However, there were some crackers late in the afternoon and pasta for dinner, quite a big bowl, but I did have a big salad too. So, mostly good choices.

   Just one more chore before I call it a night - look over the dances for tomorrow's demo at the retirement home. I hate to mess up a set and I see Cheryl and I are first couple in several of the dances so I will have to be sure I know them at least!


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