Thursday, 31 March 2016

Going Out LIke a Lion

     March came in like a lion and I think we can confirm it is also going out like a lion. Although it wasn't cold today (11C) it was quite miserable - rainy and windy. I even found the garage door blown open this afternoon. So it has been quite miserable today. When will Spring show its face?

    A quiet morning and then Bridge this afternoon with Bonnie, Marilyn and Pauline. I had terrible cards and, although I had a couple of contracts, I went down (badly!) both times. I had planned to eat out with the RODEO group of ladies from Probus, but wasn't able to find someone to take my place so had to cancel the lunch plans.  As it happened, one of the other tables had a couple of no shows and one of them could have taken my place. Well, that's life!

    Delicious dinner tonight. I was getting sick of leftover lamb so took a basa fillet out of the freezer and made a fish pie with lots of vegetables. I had it with my homemade beetroot. I also made some cheese straws with the leftover puff pastry. For lunch I made soup but didn't get a chance to try it as I was out over lunch. I will save it for tomorrow.

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