Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday Blues

   Luckily I am not a pessimistic person or today would have stressed me to the limit. The weather was against us this morning with on-and-off rain right through the hours we usually spend at the tennis courts on Thursdays. I had a job booked for the afternoon and trundled out to the car with 10 minutes to spare.

   Although the rain had dried up, another disappointment confronted me - no power in the car! I was forced to grab my bike and set off for the school, luckily quite close, but arrived rather hot and sweaty. I was greeted by the Principal whose first words were, "It's a difficult class" - not what a supply teacher wants to hear!
   Actually, they weren't so bad, also there were several interruptions which helped the afternoon to pass quickly. Once I got home (exhausted and sweaty again - no idea there were so many hills on that particular road) I called Toyota Roadside Assistance and had the problem fixed within an hour. Now I feel justified in vegging out for the rest of the evening. New episode of BBT at 8:00 p.m. Yippee!!

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