Friday, 7 June 2013

After the Rain

   Got in some tennis this morning - it has stayed dry - but my bones are aching today so, after one set,  I was quite happy to join the crowd in front of the TV in the clubhouse. A marvellous match between Nadal and Djokovic - we were all but one rooting for Nadal who won after 5 exciting sets. The last one went to 10-8 as there is no tie-break in the final set of Grand Slams.

   Need to start trimming the bushes by my front steps as they are all but meeting over the path, but they are still a bit too wet. Will get to it tomorrow or Sunday. Tonight I am going to a reunion of teachers from a school I taught at almost 20 years ago. I'm not expecting to remember too many of the others as I was only there for one year but, what the heck, you never know who will show up at an event like that.

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