Thursday, 6 June 2013

More Rain

   Raining now and the temperature is only 13C. I have had to fish out some winter clothes as it is so chilly.

   Went to the tennis courts this morning for the Thursday Social but only one other person turned up. It was very cool and windy but we hit for an hour which was all I could manage. . Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy in the morning so that makes it kind of "iffy" for any tennis then. However, I will go anyway unless it is pouring down. At least we can have a coffee and watch the French Open. It's the Men's semi-finals. Today the Women played for the final spots - Serena won easily but Maria had a much harder match. Their final goes on Saturday and I'm betting on Serena to take it.

   The Exec. committee of the SSCD group met this afternoon and we finalized the program and arrangements for our Christmas Dance and set the dates for next season's meetings. We are going full out to make the Christmas Dance a huge success as we have decided it will be the last. Numbers are dropping off each year and it is getting harder and harder to break even. But we are determined to go out with a bang. We have the hall and the band booked and have divvied up the jobs so that everything is organized well in advance. It will be a great night or we will die trying!

   The White Heather Ball is on Saturday and we have one last practice tonight to make sure all the dances are at least somewhat known. This one is out in Oshawa, but the meal is excellent, making it well worth the drive. I must remember to take my camera!

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