Sunday 16 June 2013

First Rose

   It was too nice a day to stay indoors yesterday (so no post) but today is raining so I have fired up the computer before heading off to Starbucks for my morning coffee. This is not a regular indulgence but I have a coupon for a breakfast sandwich which is about to expire - so, use it or lose it!

   I have several rose bushes that are about to bloom but this one is the first. The rose was perfect yesterday but, unfortunately, will have become washed out with today's rain. This particular bush only has 2 or 3 blooms each year. I'm afraid I don't treat my rose bushes to any TLC - they just have to survive on their own.


 The primroses also only last a few days and don't like the heat so become quite bedraggled as the summer progresses. But right now they are blooming nicely. Most of my garden is perennials that come into bloom at different times in the summer. The only thing I have planted in the back are nasturtiums (from seed) but no flowers yet.

   Well, it appears to have stopped raining so I will take my chances and head to the coffee shop before it starts up again.


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